Regency Country Club

Protocols for the prevention, control and protection of external clients and staff

Important: Covid test required. More information here

For the design of this homogeneous protocol that compiles the requirements of tourism activity, we have relied on the ICTE, Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, in order to identify and analyze the risks, as well as to implement the best practices in our service, facilities and staff, against the virus.

These measures are the main lines that Hotel Regency Country Club, Apartments Suites, is working to implement, and they aim to keep a fluid communication between our hotel and our clients.

This information seeks to give our clients confidence and to convey the actions that we are carrying out to ensure a service and installations with full safety guarantees.

  • The greatest safety factor is provided by the establishment itself.
  • Luxury suite-type appartments, very bright thanks to their large windows and individual terraces.
  • Spacious common areas, open to the Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Gomera.
  • Our staff has clear and up-to-date information and training specific to their job and performance.
  • With a monitoring and protocol-control programme, which maximises existing control and safety measures.
  • Social distancing is essential, and to ensure this, ‘maximum capacities’ will be established in all common areas to ensure a distance of 1.5 metres between people.
  • The reception and welcome service is vital, as it is the first contact with our hotel and employees. Therefore, we have established a maximum capacity at the reception and we ensure a minimum distance at the counter. We are studying the implementation of an online check-in service to speed up the process. This area will be disinfected and cleaned regularly with appropriate products. The room allocation will in all cases be done after verifying the hygienic disinfection measures.
  • Our buffet service has improved its process, modifying the “old” buffets, and creating a circuit for the customer to speed up the service. The idea is to generate a quality breakfast service, providing the customer with a new, guaranteed and personalised experience. A reservation book and time slots will be established.
  • In the Kitchen the new indications related to the HACCP system, updated to the COVID-19 context, are followed.
  • Our PURA Restaurant, follows a unique set of measures for the reduction of contamination, as well as social distancing, use of materials and reduction of textiles.
  • The swimming pool bar service also controls and follows protocols throughout the day to guarantee disinfection and cleaning.
  • Room cleaning will follow a demanding disinfection and deep cleaning protocol upon each exit. The cleaning order designed for the control of VOC-19 is followed. Once cleaned, it is supervised, before leaving it to the new client.
  • Our hotel’s common areas, as they are areas where our clients interact, will be monitored and cleaned every 30 minutes, checking all the surfaces and services used.
  • Gym, this space is managed from our reception to avoid a higher capacity than allowed, customers are informed of the requirements to use it, measures, among others, such as the use of towels in the machines, cleaning with hydrogel after each use.
  • We are working on a protocol for suppliers and delivery of goods.
  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic our gastronomic offering may be affected.